Shenanigans with Rick Welbanks (Podcasts)

This time we harken back to the more wandering ways of Shit Rick Says of Yore. We open with a short discussion about Adam's dating woes, then Rick brings up Aliens and space, and then we talk about how Social Media tends not to encourage positive discourse, but rather enables more emotional outbursts and arguments. As Adam put it - "too many people, not enough emotional literacy"

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Short episode this week, Rick tells us a little bit about The Satanic Bible.

Also, Adam's other podcast is back -

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Rick and Adam talk about Conan (the barbarian or the talk show host?), names that don't fit the people they were given to, feedback loops (the mental kind), the bystander effect, selfishness, self-regulation, helping people without meaning to, why you don't run into lone skin heads being dicks in public, whether or not you should support people who hold some views you strongly disagree with, being on top of mount "I don't give a Flip"

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Rick and Adam talk about being happier poor, trying to sell music gear, city life tending to exacerbate truckheads and selfishness, traveling to clear your head, sign language, the downside of inspiration porn, addiction vs personal choice, examining yourself, avoiding feelings, and cognitive dissonance.

Reference links!

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Rick and Adam talk about Adam's not-quite head trauma scare that nixed the show last week, Adam talks about having gone to see a dating coach of sorts which resulted in a list of dealbreakers which Adam and Rick go over, with a deviation into talking about the strength of character of Transgender people, and again, why people need to be able to joke about uncomfortable subjects.

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Find out what the hell has been going on with Rick and Adam for the last two months! Rick talks about life with less beer, Rick and Adam talk about being an introvert, Adam talks about hiw new job, and past dating failures, Rick is thinking about going back to school, Rick and Meka talk about communication and showing affection, and we all talk about why positive change can be hard but worth it.

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It's been a while, but the wait is almost over! Rick and Adam will be recording a new episode on Monday, Sept 1st, to be edited and released the same day. If you don't follow the facebook page ( you might want to. We don't post there a lot, but we do post occasional updates. Anyway, new episode tomorrow, and it might even be twice as long as usual. It's been 2 months of no shit so we have a lot of shit to make up for.

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Rick is dealing with some more curveballs in his life and beyond that we've had scheduling conflicts. He (or we) will be back soon!

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This week Rick tells us of his newest idea - to start a group for people who recognize they can be "truckheads" (not really truck) sometimes, and want to be better. Because it's not legal to spike the city's water supply with psychadelics (though that might be more effective).

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Adam listened to a podcast about Ayahuasca and other psychadelic drugs. He decides to ask Rick what various drugs are like in Rick's experience. Rick explains what alcohol, pot, cocaine, mushrooms and LSD were like for him, and tells us what he knows of Ayahuasca.

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We were a little more random this week, but we found a tangent around halfway through. We talk about overcompensation, Rick's plans for other podcasts, Adam is working on a business plan, soylent alternatives (and people who would "eat" soylent), tabletop role playing and larping, and finally, another great explanation from Rick on something that's been puzzling Adam.

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Rick started by saying "I don't want to talk about that", and then we proceeded to talk about that for 80 minutes. But as usual, Rick makes it funny without making it stupid. Also, he comes up with possibly the best analogy ever for trying to make the world a better place. And makes Adam laugh so hard he falls off his chair. Really.

Referenced in the episode (Adam's interview with Queer Porn Performer Mara Dyne):

We also referred to Episode 5 of Year 7 of The 40 Year Old Boy Podcast (which Adam has now listened to as well)

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We're all over the map this week, talking about subtitutes for food, business ideas for the musically and technically inclined, a long discussion about free speech in comedy, riding bikes on the sidewalk, if being stronger makes you calmer, and checking your damn lizard brain.

Things Adam meant to promote, but didn't get to:

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We kick off the show with some career advice for Adam, Rick reads a written rant from the internet about bearded hipsters tarnishing manliness, and then we get a bit existential with some life wisdom. Oh, and Rick talks about some guitar pedals.

Nicki Daniels' Blog Post: "An Open Letter To Bearded Hipsters: Stop Ruining My Beard Fetish"

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Rick drops into Adam's apartment to let everyone know just what the hell happened to him last week - ie how a cat can make you homeless. Then we talk about being a decent human being (again, it bears repeating), and outer space. Rick insists everyone should watch the Cosmos reboot with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

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Rick has informed me that circumstances for him have taken a sudden and dramatic turn and he is unsure of when he will be able to record again, indefinitely. As he has alluded to before, his living situation has been kind of precarious for a while, and apparently shit hit the fan last night. I don't know when or if he'll be able to record again.

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On this episode, we talk about The Last of Us, a fantastic PS3 game that Rick has played several times, and Adam watched like a movie via YouTube. Then Rick tells us about the actual origins of the term "pussy" as a pejorative, and we discuss the more gender neutral term "asshole".

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After missing a week due to illness, this week it's two half-sick but still punchy podcasters having a half random, half intellectual conversation about jesus freaks, idiots in bars, being moderate on taboo issues, Liam Neeson movies and more.

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Friend of the show Zubin calls in while on a break from training in the Canadian Forces, and tells us what he's been up to since last we spoke.

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If you've made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back. This is the homestretch. In the final part, we talk about IQ tests and how they work differently for people on the spectrum, problems with the DSM and psychological diagnoses, gifted kids being stuck in boring classes and acting out, thinking styles, being detail oriented vs big picture, two different visual thinking styles, and finally a brief summary and takeaways.

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We talk about Autism some more, continuing from Adam's notes about Dr. Temple Grandin's book The Autistic Brain. We talk about social difficulties and behaviour problems for children, we talk about the sensory issues people on the spectrum face, why 50 shades of grey is a terrible example of BDSM and what being non-verbal means in the Autistic sense.

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Sort of like a book club this week, Adam brings his notes about Dr. Temple Grandin's book "The Autistic Brain" to go over with Rick and Meka. We talk about misconceptions about Autism, how it is Neurological not Psychological, how people on the spectrum experience things differently and briefly get into the sensory issues.

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Rick and Adam have a semi-aimless discussion about a variety of things including music nerdery, we talk about a mummy you probably haven't heard of, modern diets, we get into autism briefly and then why you should try to be a better person and how to do that.

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Rick along with former bandmates Jason Toner and Richard Fairthorne talk about the debaucherous life of up and coming rock stars, being ahead of their time for DIY and self-promotion, why music sucks now, racism, and c*nts on the internet.

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Disclaimer (1) - This episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago. Disclaimer (2) - the subject matter is kinda heavy.

On this episode, we talked about a rather inflammatory blog post (about what constitutes rape) that someone sent to Adam, what it means to be feminist, and we try to figure out the distinction between being a victim and playing a victim.

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Rick and Adam talk about obscure subgenres of metal, yoga, broga, awkward aerobics classes, difficult customers and the difference between being a leader and being a boss.

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Zubin returns to spend the last day of his holiday break finish telling us about the Canadian Forces. We are far less cranky and tired this week and have quite a few laughs.

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A burned out Rick and a less burned out Adam talk (rant) about a bunch of stuff - Breast Feeding, Christmas, Marriage, Religion and the aftermath of Adam getting his formerly chest-length hair cut off.

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Returning guest Zubin (from Episode 20 and Episode 11) comes back on the show to talk about his experiences at Basic Training so far for the Canadian Forces. He tells us about the entry tests you have to pass, why you have to learn to eat fast, why you don't get as much sleep, and why you don't give a gun to a person with Tourettes.

To get older episodes, hit up - old episodes will get added to this feed soon.

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Rick and Adam start by announcing we are back on iTunes. Rick tells a sexting story, then we call up our guest to talk about the state of music, and finally death and why we're afraid of it.

Jackie Kashian on The Nerdist Podcast

Ana Kasparian on The Joe Rogan Podcast

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Rick's friend Jesse McHater stops by to talk about Black Friday madness, charities, bears, Norway, other solar systems, swearing, stupid facebook apps and facebook advertising, reading, and the Fleshlight comes to Canada which leads Rick to ask us a question.


HuffPo Good News Section

The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck/Project For Awesome

"What ELSE is weird about Norway?"

Brazilian Tycoon who was going to bury his Bentley but instead used it to teach us a lesson

Bill Burr Reviews a Lady Gaga concert for his girlfriend

New Solar System like ours discovered

Jesse's band "DeadMouth":

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This week the madness could not be contained. Rick talks about his vasectomy which kicks off a show about genitals, sex and other nudity related shenanigans.
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History enthusiast Steve Cox comes on the show to talk to Rick about (surprise!) history - mainly World War 1 and 2. We talk about why Hitler was the world's first hipster, why you don't mess with Russia, how Switzerland takes "neutrality" to a whole other level, religious wars, and more.
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Our guest bailed last minute so Rick and Adam decided to talk about personal responsibility, why it's bad to bubble wrap everything and coddle people, rules and laws (whether you agree with them and why), Toronto's crack smoking (#inadrunkenstupor) Mayor Rob Ford, discussing beliefs and politics, critical thinking (not letting emotion solely dictate your actions and decisions) and Adam realizes he is slowly becoming more libertarian, apparently.
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Adam's friend Tim comes on the show to talk about how he ended up with custody of his children, what he learned about family law that you should know, and we talk about how to empower your kid to learn on their own and deal with bullying.
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Part 2! The rest of the conversation with Tim. He talks about doing improv, we talk about voice acting, more family law stuff and marketing aimed at single parents (or at least those ones with breasts)
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Adam's friend Tim comes on the show to talk about how he ended up with custody of his children, what he learned about family law that you should know, and we talk about how to empower your kid to learn on their own and deal with bullying.
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Zubin returns to the podcast for a 4 way panel discussion about joining the army, things that are offensive, treason, rape, dealing with victims, intelligence and finding humour in the mundane
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On this episode, Rick talks about his adventures with a horrible landlord, we talk about the human condition and why we can't all just get along, a brief detour into music talk, and then wrap up with a discussion about Euthanasia
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This one is a real barn burner! We skype in a listener/fan from Israel (who is quite witty and well spoken) to talk about his country and the Middle East from a local perspective. Then Rick's girlfriend Meka joins the conversation and we talk about Rick's apartment being overrun by Squirrels, Adam's near death experience, and then a good long chat about proper word use (ie with "rape"), and the perils of sexism to both sides of the gender gap.

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Chad Valyear (singer from the old band The Undergods) is on the show for a slightly more random episode. We talk about being Rock Scars (after a freudian slip by Adam), naming bands, being couthless, destroying bridges and Adam takes his leash powers too far for Rick.

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Andy (from the Apocalypse Episode) is back, joining Rick and Adam to talk about a new topic - Why more and more men are opting out of marriage, and why the three of us are also not in favour of tying the knot either.
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Warning, things get heavy on this one. Jordan tells us about how his life started to fall apart a couple years ago, the point where he reached rock bottom and how he snapped himself out of it and is getting his life back on track now. There are life lessons and insights in this one - don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

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On this episode we are joined by Jordan Zijlstra, formerly of the Oshawa band RPO whom used to play shows with Rick's old band Tallman back in the early 2000s. The guys talk about the old days and the 3 of us rant about the current state of music.

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Rick and Adam talk about a whole slew of stuff - reddit drama, a listener email about Israel, Adam's gym adventures, Adam wants to learn how to dance (Rick doesn't), allergies developing spontaneously, Rick is considering cleaning up his look and the guys rant about Hipsters.

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Rick's friend Merlin stops by, the guys talk about music for the first 30 minutes and then the rest of the podcast is about food, diet and health. Merlin lays a mountain of information on us.

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Rick's friend Drew calls in from Vancouver to talk to Rick about their time performing stand up comedy together in BC, good and bad stand-up, funny things to do in strip clubs, masturbation techniques, agreeing with an artist's politics but not enjoying their art, and how Drew discovered Rick has a Prince Albert piercing.

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It's the CrippleCast! Rick broke his leg, but that didn't stop us. Rick's friend Zubin stops by to discuss gaming, terrible team mates, the general consequences of online behaviour, and the psychology of hiding behind a moniker. Also - we joined the PodBender network!.

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Rick talks about life at his new apartment, killing lots of mice, SwapSity (a bartering/trade service), the UK Porn Ban, one of the actual positive uses of GMOs, and Adam and Rick have their first real "debate".

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Rick and Maya talk about why they would both prefer to date guys than girls, a dinosaur museum, the ethics and physics of dwarf tossing, and lastly, Rick tells us why he wants to Fuck Marilyn Manson. It's not what you'd think.

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Rick and Adam discuss why Nationalism and Patriotism are dumb, how "bros before hoes" is just an excuse for douchey behavior, and Rick gets Victorian about breasts. Special guest appearance by an ice cream truck.

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On this episode, Adam gets personal. Rick and Adam discuss why women don't get as excited about nudity as men, Rick rejoins OKCupid, Adam joins a Matchmaking service, and Adam addresses some of the reasons he's still single and lacks a sex life.

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In Episode 4, we talk cancer, porn, evil, street smarts, wanting the world to burn and what to do after the flames die out.

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In Episode 3, Rick (and co-host/producer Adam) talks about how he sucks at dating now, we discuss women comedians and Rick rants about charities.

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In Episode 2, Rick and producer/co-host Adam talk about parents, kids, getting older, being nice to people, figuring life out, a drinking story, a drug story and Rick rants about people tweeting/instagramming their food or children.

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