Shenanigans with Rick Welbanks

Rick and Adam talk about Conan (the barbarian or the talk show host?), names that don't fit the people they were given to, feedback loops (the mental kind), the bystander effect, selfishness, self-regulation, helping people without meaning to, why you don't run into lone skin heads being dicks in public, whether or not you should support people who hold some views you strongly disagree with, being on top of mount "I don't give a Flip"

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Rick and Adam talk about being happier poor, trying to sell music gear, city life tending to exacerbate truckheads and selfishness, traveling to clear your head, sign language, the downside of inspiration porn, addiction vs personal choice, examining yourself, avoiding feelings, and cognitive dissonance.

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Rick and Adam talk about Adam's not-quite head trauma scare that nixed the show last week, Adam talks about having gone to see a dating coach of sorts which resulted in a list of dealbreakers which Adam and Rick go over, with a deviation into talking about the strength of character of Transgender people, and again, why people need to be able to joke about uncomfortable subjects.

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Find out what the hell has been going on with Rick and Adam for the last two months! Rick talks about life with less beer, Rick and Adam talk about being an introvert, Adam talks about hiw new job, and past dating failures, Rick is thinking about going back to school, Rick and Meka talk about communication and showing affection, and we all talk about why positive change can be hard but worth it.

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