Shenanigans with Rick Welbanks

Friend of the show Zubin calls in while on a break from training in the Canadian Forces, and tells us what he's been up to since last we spoke.

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If you've made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back. This is the homestretch. In the final part, we talk about IQ tests and how they work differently for people on the spectrum, problems with the DSM and psychological diagnoses, gifted kids being stuck in boring classes and acting out, thinking styles, being detail oriented vs big picture, two different visual thinking styles, and finally a brief summary and takeaways.

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We talk about Autism some more, continuing from Adam's notes about Dr. Temple Grandin's book The Autistic Brain. We talk about social difficulties and behaviour problems for children, we talk about the sensory issues people on the spectrum face, why 50 shades of grey is a terrible example of BDSM and what being non-verbal means in the Autistic sense.

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Sort of like a book club this week, Adam brings his notes about Dr. Temple Grandin's book "The Autistic Brain" to go over with Rick and Meka. We talk about misconceptions about Autism, how it is Neurological not Psychological, how people on the spectrum experience things differently and briefly get into the sensory issues.

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Rick and Adam have a semi-aimless discussion about a variety of things including music nerdery, we talk about a mummy you probably haven't heard of, modern diets, we get into autism briefly and then why you should try to be a better person and how to do that.

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