Shenanigans with Rick Welbanks

So, Rick has written and recorded some new theme music for the show, and we decided for anyone who really loves the dulcet tones of the theme you've been familiar with for almost 30 episodes, we would offer it for download. Will also be available for download on

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Rick along with former bandmates Jason Toner and Richard Fairthorne talk about the debaucherous life of up and coming rock stars, being ahead of their time for DIY and self-promotion, why music sucks now, racism, and c*nts on the internet.

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Disclaimer (1) - This episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago. Disclaimer (2) - the subject matter is kinda heavy.

On this episode, we talked about a rather inflammatory blog post (about what constitutes rape) that someone sent to Adam, what it means to be feminist, and we try to figure out the distinction between being a victim and playing a victim.

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Rick and Adam talk about obscure subgenres of metal, yoga, broga, awkward aerobics classes, difficult customers and the difference between being a leader and being a boss.

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Zubin returns to spend the last day of his holiday break finish telling us about the Canadian Forces. We are far less cranky and tired this week and have quite a few laughs.

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