Shenanigans with Rick Welbanks

A burned out Rick and a less burned out Adam talk (rant) about a bunch of stuff - Breast Feeding, Christmas, Marriage, Religion and the aftermath of Adam getting his formerly chest-length hair cut off.

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Due to unforseen circumstances we are not able to record a new episode this week, and bonus content is not readily available as a substitute. Apologies for missing a week, but in the meantime, enjoy the time off work, take it easy, relax and we'll be back next week.

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Returning guest Zubin (from Episode 20 and Episode 11) comes back on the show to talk about his experiences at Basic Training so far for the Canadian Forces. He tells us about the entry tests you have to pass, why you have to learn to eat fast, why you don't get as much sleep, and why you don't give a gun to a person with Tourettes.

To get older episodes, hit up - old episodes will get added to this feed soon.

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Rick and Adam start by announcing we are back on iTunes. Rick tells a sexting story, then we call up our guest to talk about the state of music, and finally death and why we're afraid of it.

Jackie Kashian on The Nerdist Podcast

Ana Kasparian on The Joe Rogan Podcast

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Rick's friend Jesse McHater stops by to talk about Black Friday madness, charities, bears, Norway, other solar systems, swearing, stupid facebook apps and facebook advertising, reading, and the Fleshlight comes to Canada which leads Rick to ask us a question.


HuffPo Good News Section

The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck/Project For Awesome

"What ELSE is weird about Norway?"

Brazilian Tycoon who was going to bury his Bentley but instead used it to teach us a lesson

Bill Burr Reviews a Lady Gaga concert for his girlfriend

New Solar System like ours discovered

Jesse's band "DeadMouth":

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