Shenanigans with Rick Welbanks
Part 2! The rest of the conversation with Tim. He talks about doing improv, we talk about voice acting, more family law stuff and marketing aimed at single parents (or at least those ones with breasts)
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Adam's friend Tim comes on the show to talk about how he ended up with custody of his children, what he learned about family law that you should know, and we talk about how to empower your kid to learn on their own and deal with bullying.
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Zubin returns to the podcast for a 4 way panel discussion about joining the army, things that are offensive, treason, rape, dealing with victims, intelligence and finding humour in the mundane
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On this episode, Rick talks about his adventures with a horrible landlord, we talk about the human condition and why we can't all just get along, a brief detour into music talk, and then wrap up with a discussion about Euthanasia
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