Shenanigans with Rick Welbanks

Rick's friend Merlin stops by, the guys talk about music for the first 30 minutes and then the rest of the podcast is about food, diet and health. Merlin lays a mountain of information on us.

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Rick's friend Drew calls in from Vancouver to talk to Rick about their time performing stand up comedy together in BC, good and bad stand-up, funny things to do in strip clubs, masturbation techniques, agreeing with an artist's politics but not enjoying their art, and how Drew discovered Rick has a Prince Albert piercing.

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It's the CrippleCast! Rick broke his leg, but that didn't stop us. Rick's friend Zubin stops by to discuss gaming, terrible team mates, the general consequences of online behaviour, and the psychology of hiding behind a moniker. Also - we joined the PodBender network!.

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